Vivo 65 Repair

Posted by Tony Burgos ,12th Oct 2020
Vivo 65 Repair

Vivo 65 Repair

Ventilation and breathing support systems are one such element that is usually very exclusive to hospitals and premium caregiving facilities. Most of the time, a patient who might require ventilation support may not necessarily need any other aid from the institution.

The Vivo 65 ventilator is an advanced dream come true in such cases. You can easily set it up in the comfort of your homes or hospitals. Vivo 65 ventilator is designed to provide complete care and support to adults and pediatric patients more than 5 kgs. The ventilator is adaptive thanks to the accessories, circuits, and modes that come with the instrument.

What makes it unique from other ventilators? The Vivo 65 ventilator comes with some distinct features, which makes it a desirable option.

-Comes with a dual limb circuit, which helps in the measurement of volume that is exhaled.

-The monitoring capabilities keeps a check on the quality of ventilation

-Can be connected to cloud services for data and report tracking and storing

-Can have a mechanical installation in homes, hospitals, and long-term caregiving facilities

The Vivo 65 ventilator has three main benefits, making it the perfect choice for the correct respiration option for the patient.

  • Performance
  • - Comes with volume accuracy and sensitive triggering

    - Has a wide range of modes with inclusivity of mouthpiece and SIMV

    - Adapts to patient’s needs with various alarm settings

    - Optimal for both invasive and non-invasive ventilation

    - Circuits equipped with active exhalation valve and leakage port

    - Additional security with measurement of exhaled volume

    - Intimate user interface with access control

    - Low on noise

  • Extensive Monitoring
  • - Monitored oxygen levels of SpO2, CO2, FiO2 monitoring

    - Statistical data in numbers and waveforms to track the trend

    - Software designed to track waveforms and loops

    - Daily storage of reports

    - Can be connected to cloud solutions

  • Flexibility
  • - Scandinavian design to best match and suit homes and hospitals alike

    - Comes with a wide range of accessories to make installation and operation smooth

    - Comes with great energy, 12-hour autonomy, 4-hour internal and 8-hour click on battery combined

    - Cover shield for safe exterior usage

    - Comes with three profiles to match the patient’s usage and requirements

    The Vivo 65 ventilator will make the best fit for a comfortable and controlled aide for respiratory support. You will not have to worry about readmissions. They can be easily avoided just by installing and using the Vivo 65 ventilator. We understand that you only want the best medical facility for your loved ones or patients.

    While receiving treatment, many patients feel suffocated and uncomfortable with the equipment and its settings, but that gets ruled out with the multifaceted Vivo 65 ventilator