​Bemes, Inc makes the Dotmed top 100 for the eighth straight year

Posted by Bemesonline ,22nd Apr 2019
​Bemes, Inc makes the Dotmed top 100 for the eighth straight year

Bemes, Inc makes the Dotmed top 100 for the eighth straight year

Recently Dotmed announced its annual list of Top 100 medical equipment dealers and service providers and without a doubt Bemes, Inc has again been able to find its way into the directory. The reasons and the impact of such a phenomenal achievement is undoubtedly the premium range of healthcare services that Bemes provide. is a well-known public medical equipment marketplace and also a leading platform for auctioning medical equipment. It annually publishes the DOTMED 100 list in the March issue of its magazine DOTmed Business News. The list is one of the most trustworthy as it is created based on the peer-review data. DOTmed users who have worked with the concerned companies post their reviews on DOTmed which then uses its own 5 Star Rating system to evaluate the performance of the companies. DOTmed’s rating system is highly transparent and reliable. Moreover, it is publicly available. DOTmed uses more than 10 satisfaction measures to rate the companies, and this is what makes it more and more comprehensive and reliable.

The repetitive inclusion of Bemes, Inc in the list is a result of the continued hard work and efforts put in by the people behind the company. Since the company has become a DOTMed certified for the eighth straight year, it is essential to know what exactly it means to have a DOTMed certification.

What is DOTMED certified?

To help protect its users, DOTMed, sometime back, began a certification process. There’s a code of ethics, some Binding Arbitration Rules, references, and a Dispute Resolution Process, that is to be signed by a firm before getting the tag of DOTMed Certified. The certification helps customers staying assured about the resolution of any issue that may arise due to the difference of opinions, through arbitration.

Why is Bemes, Inc included every year?

Bemes, Inc. is a full-service healthcare company that specializes in the service and rental of respiratory equipment. Bemes, Inc. has been serving its customers with some fantastic quality products and services which include rental programme and a specific service department always to give the highest degree of satisfaction to the customers.

The company maintains its depot of healthcare equipment which makes it easier for them to cater to the needs of customers. Custom made hose assemblies are offered by it at affordable prices. Bemes also helps you if you need a repair in any of your equipments. Pick up and drop facility of the product is also available. If you do not want your product to be sent to them, they can also reach you at your home to serve you at your doorsteps. With such a customer-oriented mindset, it was just a matter of time that all this hard work brought fruit. With time, Bemes has also initiated many other steps to ensure customer friendliness. They are discussed below.

It is the urge to serve the customers better that drives Bemes towards success. Bemes also provides Rental programs and equipment to serve customers better. Its rental program has three variants: Short Term Rentals, Long Term rentals, and Placement Rentals. The types of equipment provided are pre-checked by professionals and are also available with full customization. Competitive prices make their service and products even better. While short and long term rentals are based on the period, the Placement Rental option is different. Under it, Bemes sets up the equipment at your site at a low rate and charge you a monthly rate based on the usage of that equipment. A maximum chargeable rate is pre-decided so that your budget doesn't get affected.

The best thing about Bemes is that you can tell them what you need and get the exact product delivered to you without any hassle. The company possesses the products equipped with the latest technology.

Apart from its equipment and services what has helped it maintain its place in the Top 100 is its Green initiatives. Native Plants have become a part of Bemes' landscape with benefits ranging from less soil erosion to a reduction in the need for supplemental water.

In response to the recent extinction of bee colonies, Bemes has created many Beehives on its site. This has helped in recapturing the pollinating power of Bees.

Energy is something humankind has to be careful. With electricity consumption only rising every day and the environment being affected badly, Bemes has installed 4 solar arrays inside its Fenton Campus. LED bulbs have been put in place, and several other initiatives are on their way to reduce the carbon footprint of Beemes, Inc.

Paperless work is also on the rise as there’s a large scale environmental exploitation happening around the world. Bemes has been a staunch supporter of environment conservation.

How will a DOTMed certification to a company help customers?

●The company has signed the code of ethics. Hence, you’ll rest assured of dealing with a well-composed firm.

●If ever there is a dispute, the arbitration will be easier for you as the company has signed the Binding Agreement on Arbitration. Usually, it takes 45 days for the resolution of disputes. How quick is that?

●Any company found guilty of causing inconvenience to customers will be blacklisted.

DOTMed certified companies have the following benefits:

●The company will become eligible to receive referrals from DOTmed.

●The DOTmed certification logo will be present on all the product listings of the company.

●Proper placement will be provided to the DOTmed listings.

●The Virtual Trade Show Booth Listings apart from getting the DOTmed certified logo will also get special placement.

The DOTmed certified firms are much better to deal with since they have external obligations to fulfill. What makes the companies more special is that the users themselves have rated them and not by any external person. The rating system is transparent that allows you to trust the companies with a higher rating for their services must be excellent and satisfactory.